Consumables Edit

Consumables is split into three categories: Food, Drink, and Miscellaneous. Each food and drink will give adventures and substat gain(s) when consumed, and depending on the item, will add to Fullness and Drinkness. Fullness and Drinkness is simply a way of stopping players from overusing items for adventures, the more adventures a food or drink gives, the more fullness it will give the player. When a player has reached 20 Fullness and/or Drinkess, they will no longer be able to eat and/or drink until rollover. Miscellaneous items also work this way, but they do not give adventures, only substat boosts, when consumed.

Food Edit

Name Effects Adventures Gained
Bunch of Grapes 2-?
Potato Inedible until cooked
Whale Steak Inedible - must be cooked?
Baked Potato
Popcorn 2-4
Corn on the Cob
Loaf of Bread 2-4
Soggy Mushroom

Drink Edit

Name Effect Adventures Drinkness


Name Effect Other
generic healing potion
green seashell
red seashell

Miscellaneous Edit